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  • About our work

    About our work

    The basis for our unique proposition is the use of “fluid art”, a form of abstract art that uses flow substances which can be used for pouring applications.

    Within this category My Precious Originals uses high quality, high gloss 2-component epoxy resin, which is mixed with luxurious color pigments during the preparation of the pouring process.

    Pouring process

    After all base products have been thoroughly cleaned / impregnated and placed level in our dust-free environment, I pour the epoxy mixes over / into the base products and additionally can provide them with nice extras such as glitter / crystal stones / dried flowers / gold leaf for example.

    With a pallet knife and a heater I let the mixes blend into one another until the desired result is achieved.

    Afterwards the products need a curing time of 72 hours before they receive an additional finishing (like grinding, assembly and oiling of wood products).

    Base materials

    After long research, we chose the following brand for our epoxy resin

    (https://www.artresin.com), they offer a very high quality epoxy resin which is designed for art purposes specifically and is free from any harmful substances (suitable for general home use and completely food safe).

    It also provides the best UV stability against yellowing and in addition offers the highest transparency and gloss level for the most beautiful works.

    We obtain the color pigments from a few carefully selected global suppliers, who provide us the most attractive pigments available on the market.



    Because our epoxy resin is completely free from harmful hardeners, the top layer is slightly more sensitive to scratches compared to industrial solutions, please take this into account during use; 

    Dust is best cleaned with a dust wipe, regular cleaning with (warm) water or preferably a glass cleaner (cloth) is sufficient to keep the epoxy layer in optimal condition; wipe dry with a soft, non-pilling cloth (preferably micro fiber).

    For the maintenance of our wooden products we use grape seed oil, this penetrates deeply into the wood and ensures the wood doesn’t dry out; the wood also retains its natural appearance, and an additional advantage, the oil is completely natural and available in most supermarkets! Depending on use, treat your products every few months with this oil to keep them in optimal condition.

    Also pay attention with placing your product(s) in direct sunlight and to clean your wooden product(s) with hot water only and possibly some mild dish soap, but never use the dishwasher.

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