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    Is our creative mind and creates all resin art Originals

    Amanda Remmington


    Is your point of contact in our store & the webshop

    Erik van Liempt

    About our work

    The basis for our unique proposition of functional art is the use of “fluid art”; a form of abstract art that uses flow substances which can be used for pouring applications.

    Within this category My Precious Originals uses a high quality, high gloss 2-component epoxy resin, mixed with luxurious color pigments.

    Herewith we create a unique proposition of artcrafted resin Originals, art with a function!

    Please check About our work for more detailed information on this topic as well as our care instructions. 


    Handbewerkte Epoxy kunst Originals - Sinds 2020 - My Precious Originals

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